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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

You have 7 days from the date of purchase to return a pair of shoes to us in unworn condition. Check out our return policy page for more details and a full explanation of our store policy.


I'm unsure of these shoes. Can I wear them at home?

Yes! If you're unsure about a pair of shoes you've purchased from us, we always recommend that you wear them around the house before wearing them outside or at work. Note that our return policy states that shoes must be in store-bought condition to be eligible for a refund. Once visible signs of wear are present, the shoes are non-returnable. Visible signs of wear includes but isn't limited to: toe-prints on insoles, wear on outsoles, and wrinkled or damaged leather.


Will these shoes stretch?

It depends on the type of material your shoe is made from. Is it leather, a natural fiber or a synthetic?

Leathers will stretch out or soften up wherever the foot is applying pressure. For instance, the pressure of a bunion against a shoe will often stretch and soften the leathers naturally over time. If you feel the shoe is not giving your problem areas relief fast enough, bring them in and we will do our best to stretch them for you.

For more on the world of different leather types, check out Saddleback's website.


My feet seem like they're different. Am I crazy?

Not at all! Pretty much everybody have two differently sized or shaped feet. In fact, in our experience over the last 90 years it is more surprising to find somebody who has feet that are exactly the same size and shape!


Can you help me with plantar fasciitis?

You bet. By taking the time to sit down with each of our visitors we're able to look at individual foot conditions and find out what the best shoe will be. We carry many shoes with rocker bottom soles, firm arch support or both! Dankso, New Balance, Naot, Birkenstock and Keen are just a few brands that we carry that many people with plantar fasciitis find comfortable and affordable.